The Space Between The One & Zero

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

The Space Between The One Zero is a media design project exploring relationships between humans and technology using Praxinoscopes (1800s pre-cinema animation machines).

The project examines the intersection of digital and pre-digital media, and the broader question of, "Are we losing ourselves to the machine?"

Praxinoscopes consist of spinning discs containing a series of still images beneath a faceted mirror prisms. As the discs rotate, images are reflected in succession in the mirrors, creating animation.

The exhibition, which showed as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival, aimed to create physical animated artefacts that were styled such that the viewer began to forget they are not looking at a digital display, raising further questions as to what is real and what is digital.

Themes explored included technology in medicine, cyber warfare, digital currency and the psychological power of the like button.