Spaghetti No 3 is the first product of Cantina Rotino, a new premium Italian-sourced food brand for the Australian market. The brand is designed to be contemporary, bold and passionately Italian.

Cantina rotino packaging

The Challenge

Who doesn’t love authentic Italian pasta?

Our client set out to establish a new food brand for Australian consumers. How could he attract attention and break into a highly crowded and well established Italian food marketplace?

Our task was to create a product that felt sophisticated and stylish and positioned for buyers with higher disposable income. The target audience were likely single, city workers, who when they cook, like to entertain and impress.

The constraint: The packaging needed to be reusable and importantly to the client, integrate the Italian flag.

Cantina rotino packaging

Italy Now

In establishing a brand we looked to create an authentic story, something that rings true for both the client and their potential audience. We focused the brand around real Italian passion.

In Italy the Cantina is the cellar where fresh produce is kept, it’s also a meeting place for family and close friends to gather in an intimate setting and enjoy wine and food.

Cantina rotino Brand logo

The logo is a reference to the shape of the pillars in a traditional Italian Cantina. It’s shaped round to align with “Rotino” meaning “Round” from the brand name.

The use of stacked line work on the lid represents the stack of pasta that is contained within. This forms a key brand element in addition to the European modernist type and the obvious Italian Flag.

Cantina rotino back

We aimed for a contemporary modernist aesthetic. We also drew influence from Italian Futurism, not through direct style but through exploring a bold, unashamed aesthetic (Despite Futurists alleged dislike for pasta).

The text on the front of the container is an ode to Berardi’s Post-Futurist Manifesto. We added “Pasta is Passion” ourselves as we felt it appropriate to set the record straight. This is Italy now.

Cantina rotino lid


Armed with a bold design built on a rich backstory the client received a very positive reception for his new enterprise from suppliers and retailers.


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