Agile Design

DemingFactor is an award winning design agency that specialises in solving problems that span the digital world and the real world. Our approach is collaborative, responsive and agile and we’d love to hear about your projects

Graphic & Print

Every design sends a message. When you get the message right for your tribe, they can’t help but be drawn to it and your laser focussed signal separates from the noise.

  • Packaging,  
  • Wine,  
  • Cross Media Campaigns,  
  • Print Publications,  
  • Promotional Assets. 

User Interfaces

Most people don’t care about how awesome your product is, they care about how awesome they are when they use it.

  • Agile Design,  
  • User Testing,  
  • User Experience,  
  • Interactive Prototyping,  
  • Front End Design,  
  • Designers who can code.

Branding & Strategy

There are no shortage of designers who like to make pretty things. We come from the school of design that design isn’t just about what it looks like, it’s how well it works.

  • Creative Media Strategy,  
  • Design Workshops,  
  • Positioning,  
  • Design Sprints,  
  • Strategic Planning.

Digital Marketing

Technology has connected people from all over the world. Being visible when your potential clients need you is the key to success in this new age.

  • Lead pipeline,  
  • Social Engagement,  
  • Client acquisition and retention,  
  • Search Engine Optimisation,  
  • Email Automation,  
  • Chatbot Marketing.


Logo art
Australian Graphic Design Association Packaging Finalist
Logo art
Design Institute of Australia Visual Com Silver Award
Logo art
South Austaralian Premiers Innovation & Design Process Awards
Logo art
How Magazine International Packaging Awards Finalist

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