Ever had to keep time-sheets; wished it could be automated? That’s the goal of Mitimes, an ambitious new web application for lawyers. The existing application was being used in law firms but the issue was getting new lawyers to stick with a new product that felt foreign and uninviting.

Time-sheets made easy

We were engaged to help the team draw insights from the previous versions of the app and create a unified vision for a corporate application that lawyers would not only quickly grasp but would love to adopt to assist in their daily duties.

Positive Time

As Media Designers we worked with the team to create a clear vision for the app. We undertook user testing, rebranding, created many interactive prototypes as well as coded the front end in collaboration with software development team.

Rather than time-sheets as a deadline necessity our strategy focussed around helping lawyers stay in their flow.

Mitimes logo Animation

The brand is about what we call ‘Positive Time’, when you have enough time and are in flow rather than inside of rush and deadlines.

A pendulum device informed the brand language and was deeply integrated as we undertook the branding and the day-to-day work of interface design and front end coding.

Mitimes icon set


The new Mitimes was well received by the industry. Leveraging the available prototypes and the focus on solving a real user need while creating a product that lawyers actually wanted to use day-in-day-out, Mitimes locked in a distribution partnership with a major national legal software provider and at launch have attracted many new firms to the product.

Mitimes mobile Mitimes is responsive


Branding, Interface Design, User Experience Design, Animation, Agile Collaboration, Front End Development.